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The Heartworker's Way 

community, courses, coaching and inspiration for those choosing to live a more empowered and fully self-expressed life.


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Is This You?

You are a unique HUMAN being with a big heart and want to live a more CONGRUENT and HEART LED life.

You hold a VISION for a better world and are trying to FIND YOUR WAY to contribute in your own way.

You are looking to increase your INFLUENCE and EXPRESS yourself more honestly, intuitively and creatively.

You feel you need more CLARITY and CONFIDENCE to help you along the way and are open and COMMITTED to finding the COURAGE to take the necessary steps.


If this is you and you are looking for a gentle guide to support you along the way, then The Heartworker's Way may be just what you have been looking for.


“I have never met someone who can have such an impact on people’s lives ... My coaching with Ann meant for me that in a short period of time I connected with my heart and true self. I can’t thank her enough for this ...”


Programmes - Evolution

Gentle guidance through to help you find your way.

Commit to exploring yourself and your life The Heartworker's Way to create a life that matters.


Conversations - Inspiration

Interview series of heartfelt conversations with those who have decided to follow their hearts.

Get inspired by those who have forged their way as they chose the path less travelled.



Books - Exploration

The Art of Contribution, was borne out of my determination to live a more meaningful life.

My personal explorations led me to living life The Heartworker's Way.


More about The Way, The Hour and The Art

The Way

I am Ann Skinner and am known as The Heartworker. All of my work is heart led and informed by my Three Keys – presence, curiosity and kindness. I have come to call this WAY OF BEING in the world The Heartworker’s Way. 

The Heartworker's Way is a more open-hearted, intuitive and creative way of living, helping us remember who we are at our deepest level so we can start to EXPRESS OUR LOVE FOR LIFE to its fullest potential. 

I have been blessed with many mentors along the way. One of my biggest teachers has been my dog Eva, who brings out my playful Annie and reminds me to come back to my true nature, which is LOVE AND JOY. 

“It was your gentle heart led guidance that allowed some serious stuff to come up for me …”


The Hour

I have a fascination with people’s life stories. I love to listen to the joys and the hardships as to me they showcase all that is good and challenging about what it means to be human.

The Heartworker's Hour is a podcast video series of honest conversations with people who have decided to follow their courageous and creative heart to live life on their terms.

We talk about all that drives, stretches and inspires them as they forge their way.


The Art

The Heartworker's Way was borne out of my determination to live a more meaningful life and a fascination with the subject of contribution.

Through my conscious explorations I started to understand that there is an art to contribution BEYOND GIVING. This resulted in my book, The Art of Contribution, which shares an honest reflection of my personal journey to finding my way.

The Art of Contribution became a number one bestseller in Amazon’s spiritual gifts department.

“What a wonderful book. Everyone should have a read and it might stop us from feeling guilty about taking time for ourselves. It’s not all about giving and Ann explains it so well.”


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