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Episode 2: Experience All Of Yourself


"Only through the messy will we reach the juicy stuff."

This quote hit me smack bang wallop in the heart as I visited Jo's website, 'Including Cake', in preparation of how to introduce our beautiful conversation earlier that day.

When I met Jo a few years ago, we were both in the messy stuff. Or perhaps, more accurately, we are still in the messy stuff but when we first met we were both desperately trying to stay out of the messy stuff and failing miserably. Thankfully our failure was our saviour.

Important, deep and long lasting change is messy. It is a process of constant letting go and embracing. Paradoxically, it is also amazing and beautiful - particularly when you have people like Jo who are with you along the way. 

Over the past few years, our paths have crossed numerous times as we found ourselves on the edges or in the middle of our vulnerability. It has been an essential part of my own acceptance to have people like Jo reflecting parts of me back at myself. As I loved Jo for showing me previously hidden parts of herself, I learned to love those parts in me just a little more each time.

Jo has been a support, a friend and a colleague as I reclaimed my creative heart and rewrote the rules for my life and business, as she did for herself and her business.

In our conversation we speak about what it means to be human and therefore creative. And how the simple act of Jo questioning the food on her plate changed everything for her and started her on her journey to reclaim herself through the concepts of space and permission.

After our conversation I messaged Jo to let her know that the recording was in the bag and she replied: "Now I’m sitting making dreamcatcher tails out of old Thai yoga pants." 

This is Jo living all the juicy bits on her own terms. What's not to love?

To experience a little more of her, and perhaps through it yourself, watch and listen to our (60 minute) conversation below.


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Episode 2: Experience All Of Yourself


About Jo Hodson

Jo is a coach, creative, blogger, health food business owner and so much more! Whatever she does and however she does it, Jo helps you experience a little more of yourself.

Jo believes in unleashing your potential. Unlocking the gifts of innate creativity. In plant based foods. In moving your body every day. In chocolate. In simplifying. In side stepping societies expectation. In brightly coloured yoga pants. In living from the heart.

Follow Jo: On Instagram @JoHodson.

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Apart from the founder of The Way, a guide for The Hub and host of The Hour, I am also a doodle artist and the author of The Art of Contribution.

I am interested in what drives us and how to live a more empowered and fully self-expressed life that adds to the world. You can follow me by signing up for news at the bottom of this page or on Instagram under @TheHeartworker and @TheHeartworkersWay.

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