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Episode 3: What Do You Notice?


"What I don't want you to know about me is ..."

Have you ever finished this sentence? If you know David Taylor and are familiar with his work, you will probably have been asked to finish this statement many times. 

How can such a small sentence be a prompt and invitation for such deep and profound change? And yet, I know the unravelling that comes from noticing what comes up for me as I sit with the sentiment of the words and share what rises to the surface. I know this because I have experienced, first hand, the extraordinary release that comes from being a witness or being witnessed in such moments of vulnerability. A release of emotion that only the power of pure presence with the absence of judgement creates.

These moments of vulnerability are moments of healing. Moments where we can share our truth without editing ourselves away. Moments when we can truly express ourselves freely. Moments where we notice and accept all of our experience and, through it, create profound, long lasting transformation.

I feel a lot of gratitude to David, whose work has been an instrumental part of all the changes I have undergone since my husband and I returned to the UK five years ago. In fact, I am not sure if I would ever have written my book, The Art of Contribution, if it hadn't been for David, as it was his questions (and silence!) that helped me to go deep with the subject from a personal perspective. This was the catalyst for all that followed and helped me find my way, The Heartworker's Way.

In this conversation, David and I explore the power of being present and the power of vulnerability and pure truth. We talk about David's work as a film maker and coach and how his work has changed as he found a way to express himself.

"... Great expression comes when you stop editing and looking for permission .. "

I wonder, as you watch this (46 minute) film and listen to our conversation ... What do you notice?


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Episode 3: What Do You Notice?


About David Taylor


"I am a father. A husband. A coach. A film maker. A cyclist.

A deeper part of letting go is not being afraid to reveal who I really am, letting the world truly see who I am, to speak my truth. Allowing vulnerability to be my strength. It is this that has attracted me to film making, enabling others to be truly seen in the world. Unhidden. Uncontained."

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About The Host

Hi! I am Ann Skinner, aka The Heartworker - a curious and creative spirit with a love of life, nature and the nature of things.

Apart from the founder of The Way, a guide for The Hub and host of The Hour, I am also a doodle artist and the author of The Art of Contribution.

I am interested in what drives us and how to live a more empowered and fully self-expressed life that adds to the world. You can follow me by signing up for news at the bottom of this page or on Instagram under @TheHeartworker and @TheHeartworkersWay.

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