Bibi van Latum

Helicopter Pilot, Dream Catcher, Cheeky Chick, Determined and Resilient Individual, Courageous Spirit and Fellow Life Enthusiast.


Episode 4: Get Involved


Bibi and I met at the start of her career as a recruitment consultant and the start of my career as a trainer and coach in recruitment.

So much has changed for us since then. We have both moved from our native Holland and whereas I reinvented myself as a life coach and doodle artist in the UK, Bibi earned her stripes as a helicopter pilot in Australia. These twists and turns are what I love about life.

Bibi's dream was formed early in life and she still remembers the exact moment. Still, it took her years to earn the extensive funds needed to gain her helicopter licence. Through a ten year journey, Bibi forged her way into the cockpit with a combination of humour, grit, resourcefulness and a lot of hard work. Her (rotary) wings were hard earned and did not come cheap. As she worked and as she nurtured her vision with taking baby steps towards it, she was able to keep her eye on the ultimate prize: Her dream of being a helicopter pilot. 

Now she has earned her place as a pilot, she is finally, for the first time in her working life, able to take a breather from looking into the future. Instead Bibi can enjoy and appreciate what she has worked so hard for over the past ten years. It doesn't stop her from dreaming about what might be next but the energy has changed.

In this interview, Bibi shares her journey, how it started, the obstacles, the joys and what it took her to get to where she is today, living the dream. And even if a dream is never perfect, it is what you make of it and how you choose to see it. Bibi certainly chooses to wear (pilot) glasses of the rose tinted kind whilst keeping her feet firmly on the ground - unless she is flying, of course!

Bibi's advice to others seeking their way was practical, solid and right on the nose. To follow your heart, you must get involved! Such great advice as sitting on the sidelines never gets us anywhere. Ultimately it is our action that will make the difference and how we act is entirely individual for each of us. I chose The Heartworker's Way and Bibi found hers the hard worker's way. I love that. It shows there is no one way as we must all choose to follow our heart and our passion in a way that works for us.

Bibi's smile and enthusiasm are infectious and I can't wait to have the opportunity to step into the helicopter with her one day. It will be quite a ride! 

For now, let yourself be taken on a virtual ride as you listen to our 38 minute video conversation below. I have no doubt you too can't help but be inspired by Bibi's passion for life! It may be just the tonic you need to kickstart your next steps.

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Episode 4: Get Involved!


About Bibi van Latum

Helicopter Pilot, adventurous and resilient spirit and all round good egg. Fellow Dutch born Bibi flies with Hunter Valley Helicopters in Australia and is currently the only woman in an all male environment.

You can reach Bibi here:

Tel: +61 488 711 778

About The Host

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