The Hour

Heartfelt conversations with inspiring and courageous individuals who have chosen to follow their heart and forged their unique way in life.


Host of
'The Hour'

Ann Skinner

I have a fascination with people’s life stories and, in particular, the stories from those who have decided to follow their heart.

I love to listen to the joys and the hardships, as to me they showcase all that is good and challenging about what it means to be human.

Understanding what motivates us and how resilient we are is what makes me tick.

As the host of The Hour, I hope to create the space for a little magic to happen in each conversation.

Episode 5:
Calm Your Anxious Self

Suzannah Butcher 

Meet Suzannah, 'Queen of Calm'. This title hasn't come easy to Suzannah, in fact Suzannah is happy to share that it is still a work in progress. I get this. Calling myself 'The Heartworker' has been more about a commitment to becoming rather than just a claiming of who I am.

I met Suzannah at a birthday party only a year ago but had already come across her work as the founder of Calmpreneur when it was still a budding website with a mission to share and support. The moment I met Suzannah, I loved her for her ability to balance her sparkly personality with a real sense of honest vulnerability...

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Episode 4:
Get Involved

Bibi van Latum

Bibi and I met at the start of her career as a recruitment consultant and the start of my career as a trainer and coach in recruitment. So much has changed for us since then.

We have both moved from our native Holland and whereas I reinvented myself as a life coach and doodle artist in the UK, Bibi has earned her stripes as a helicopter pilot in Australia. These twists and turns are what I love about life.

Bibi's dream was formed early in life and she still remembers... 

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Episode 3:
What Do You Notice?

David Taylor

"What I don't want you to know about me is ..."

Have you ever finished this sentence? If you know David Taylor and are familiar with his work, you will probably have been asked to finish this statement many times. 

How can such a small sentence be a prompt and invitation for such deep and profound change? And yet, I know the unravelling that comes from noticing what comes up for me as I sit with the sentiment of the words and ...

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Episode 2:
Experience All Of Yourself

Jo Hodson

"Only through the messy will we reach the juicy stuff."

This quote hit me smack bang wallop in the heart as I visited Jo's website, 'Including Cake', in preparation of how to introduce our beautiful conversation.

This is where I met Jo a few years ago. We were both in the messy stuff. Or perhaps, more accurately, we are still in the messy stuff but when we first met we were both desperately trying to stay out of the   ...

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Episode 1:
Claim Your Labels

Anna Fitzgerald

First up is Anna Fitzgerald. A true inspiration to me and someone who helped me claim the term 'artist'.

Arriving at Anna's studio I was greeted with the beautifully organised chaos that is so typical of the way Anna works. 

'Oh, we need to fill the gap on the wall for a better background? No problem!' Finds drill, adds screw and hangs painting, all in the space of less than a minute in response to my request for a nice backdrop for our ...

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