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A creative community offering deep connection and the space to help you nourish your light, heal your heart and honour your story.

The Heartworker's Hub is a community of heart-led individuals who care deeply for others and our natural world.

We support each other on our own healing path towards self-acceptance and self-expression, through the power of deep connection and creativity.

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Make Space for You and Your Heart

"Every meeting feels special, deep and profoundly heart-led - thank you Ann for lighting the candle."

Dearest Heart-led Being,

Do you often give generously of yourself to others, but forget to extend that generosity of spirit to yourself?

Does your journey sometimes feel unfocussed, solitary and overwhelming?

Do you find it difficult to show yourself fully or express what it is you want and need?

Would you benefit from being in a safe, compassionate and creative space with likeminded people where you can unburden and nourish your own heart?

How The Heartworker's Hub Can Help You

The Heartworker's Hub is a safe place where you can share and find the courage to show up vulnerably, learn to accept and express yourself honestly and grow and develop through deep connection with your peers and the loving creative process of doodling The Heartworker's Way.

Nourish Your Light

Giving space to yourself opens up the portal to spirit so you may find hope, joy, inspiration and possibility.

Heal Your Heart

Listening to your heart at a deep level helps you to express yourself with compassion and supports healing.

Honour Your Story

Feeling safe and supported helps you embrace your innate courage to share your voice and show your unique self.

Why not try us with our 14 day free trial?

About The Heartworker’s Way

The Heartworker's Way uses doodling as a creative self-discovery tool, helping you open your heart so you can process your thoughts and emotions in a healthy and playful way. No skill is needed - just a willingness to put pen to paper. It is a process of drawing out rather than drawing well.

The biggest shifts happen when we create the space to simply show up with love for ourselves.

To help us be guided by love, three keys are central to The Heartworker's WayPresence, Curiosity and Kindness.

These guiding keys remind us to open our mind and our heart so we can stay away from judgement and make space for healing and insight to arrive naturally.

"Hi Ann, I just want to thank you but words don’t seem to be enough! Your classes have brought so much light and laughter, drawing, doodling and of course love into my being and has brought me such a really good sense of wellbeing. I hope you’re feeling so much appreciation from me to you."

Your Creative Facilitator and Space Holder

A warm hello to you - I am so glad you found your way here! I am Ann Skinner, also known as Ann The Heartworker - a certified Coach and Trainer, a Doodle Enthusiast and a published Author/Illustrator.

I am passionate about supporting my fellow Heartworkers and Heart-led Visionaries - i.e. those who care deeply for others and our natural world - by helping them with their own healing journey.

Although I have worked as a facilitator since 2007, I only found my creative powers by accident a few years ago. It helped me with my own healing journey, after a life trying to find myself in the world of business that didn't feed my soul or the planet.

From personal experience I also know the profound healing power that deep and meaningful connections with my heart-led peers brings. It took me a long time to find my community, before I realised I was meant to create my own.

Now I combine my superpowers to help lift and inspire my fellow heartworkers. I hope you will join us.

"Tears, breaking open, goose bumps. Finding acceptance. What an amazingly vulnerable session you created for me, thank you … You astound me with your ability to reach through the computer, across the miles to connect with me and help me to connect with myself and keep moving forward and feel hope …"

Nourish your Light, Heal your Heart, Honour your Story

Become a Hub Member today and receive a 14 DAY FREE TRIAL!


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