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Coaching 'On The Way'



PS You can book as many sessions as you want, as long as you take them in the next 3 months.



For Personal & Professional Transformation

Life can get so busy and overwhelming with all our to do’s that we often forget ourselves and what life is all about. 

A coaching conversation will gift you the space to open your mind and reconnect to your heart so you can move forward with more clarity and confidence as you find your way.

I offer:

  • Ad hoc coaching conversations to create clarity on specific areas of inner conflict or confusion; and
  • Longer term transformational programmes in conjunction with my online programmes to help you gain confidence as you find your way The Heartworker's Way.

“The session went deep and meant a breakthrough for me in a subject I’ve been wrestling with for a long time." - Ana



A coaching session with me will give you a chance to share and express your deepest desires and fears in a way that will help to lighten a heavy heart and empower you with a sense of possibility, so you have the clarity and confidence to take the next available steps on a way forward.

As we spend time exploring you and your life, we discover what is essential to you and who you are at your core. This gentle and deep exploration will help you transform your life from the inside out - both at home and at work.

"PERMISSION TO BE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU! That is what I take away from having inspiring and heart opening conversations with Ann Skinner ...

... I had a conversation with Ann on my birthday, and it was exactly what I needed at the right time as I re-arrange my big puzzle pieces together. Big questions like “who am I?” were tackled. Ann created the safe space for me to OWN and ADMIT out loud what I have always known about myself and kept quiet." Sarah



Our work together will be a partnership based on shared trust and appreciation so we can create the space for you to connect deeply. This is key to the effectiveness of our time together as it will allow you to evolve naturally.

My Three Keys, presence, curiosity and kindness will be central to our coaching together. They allow us to connect to all that is essential to us and help us stay on track.

The amazing technology of today, as well as a deeper understanding about how true connection and energy works, has allowed me to spread my wings beyond my place of work.

Apart from being able to offer a dedicated coaching space in Newton Abbot, Devon, UK, I feel extremely blessed to also be able to work online with committed people internationally. As a citizen of the world, I appreciate the freedom and empowerment to be able to work without borders.

"Ann a huge thanks for taking me on as a client – I really feel I have invested wisely. I was able to make a firm decision as to my future … to embrace change and the unknown – and ‘oh my god’ uncertainty! And you made me realise that I count!  I matter and I am worthy and that it’s OK for me to have ‘me time’.  To say no and not to have justify why – it’s OK to be selfish but not to look at this as being selfish – to view it as SELFCARE and believe that I MATTER. AMAZING – the best investment I could have made in ME! Thank you Ann." - Dawn.