Learn to Doodle for Joy and Wellbeing

Join Coach and Creative, Ann The Heartworker, for three engaging and nurturing doodle lessons.

If you missed the live sessions, you're in luck as the replays are still available till 14th June!


Would you like to get creative and feel uplifted learning the art of doodling? 

"With Ann's gentle guidance, you will quickly gain in confidence and are left feeling joyful and replenished."

Sign Up and Gain Access to the Replays (available to watch till 14th June!)

You will receive the replays for three one hour lessons. We covered:

Day 1. Doodle Basics

You will learn the basics of doodling and get confident drawing lines, squiggles and shapes and adding colour.

Day 2. Doodle Fun

You will start to appreciate how easy and joyful it can be to put together lines and shapes to make simple pictures.

Day 3: Doodle Contemplations

You will experience how to use doodling as a simple tool for visual journaling so you can nurture yourself on a deeper level.

You will need some basic pens/pencils and colourful markers/crayons or watercolours if you enjoy colouring in. Colours are not essential but always bring another dimension.

Wishing you much doodle joy!

Love, Ann The Heartworker

Gain Access to the Replays (available till 14th June):


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