Drawn to Peace


A creative challenge to help you move to peace and possibility.

Become a Maker of Peace and Possibility! 30 days of simple yet profound prompts, helping you see more clearly by contemplating and cultivating inner and outer peace The Heartworker’s Way.

You will be inspired to create heart-led visuals by drawing yourself into your loving heart and back out onto the page and beyond.

No drawing skills are required as this process is all about creating heartwork rather than artwork.

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Creating visuals for hope, joy and peace

If it can be imagined it can be created.

Your Creative Facilitator: Ann Skinner

Hi, I am Ann The Heartworker, a Coach and Creative, Founder of The Heartworker's Way and bestselling author of The Art of Contribution.

It is my greatest wish that our heartwork will become visual beacons that lights a path towards peace and possibility.

"... I can’t force peace
on the world
but I can become a force
of peace in the world

sometimes all it takes
is a single lit candle
in the darkness
to start a movement ..."

(Extract from the poem 'In the face of war I’m so small. Yet love is big.')

by John Roedel

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