Join My Free 12 Day Doodle for Wellbeing Programme

21 September - 2 October 2021 from 1530 - 1630 hrs UK time

Join me for some guided doodle contemplation to help boost your wellbeing, increase your joy and create a sense of fulfilment.


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Join me, Ann Skinner aka Ann The Heartworker, LIVE FOR 12 DAYS of Doodling for Wellbeing. A nurturing and heart opening experience of joyful co-creation and conscious guided doodle contemplation.

(PS There will be replays but do join us LIVE for the full experience!)


If you are the kind of person who is often there for others but forgets to be there for yourself, then this workshop will be a wonderful tonic for you.

It is so easy to feel depleted from giving of ourselves to others or our work, but taking time to give ourselves space for creative-self expression is necessary for our overall wellbeing.

Expressing myself through the power of doodling is one of the ways in which I give back to myself and replenish my energy levels. It is such a beautiful way to reconnect with my compassionate heart and playful spirit. It also helps me to remember that wellbeing is first and foremost an inside job.
I hope you will join me.
Ann The Heartworker

Frequently Asked Questions


I can't draw - does that matter?

Most definitely not! Although you will receive a lesson on the basics of doodling, we will not be looking at it as a skill but as a tool. A tool to help you draw yourself into your heart and then draw yourself out again onto the page and beyond!

I will give you the experience and guide you through the process of doodling 'The Heartworker's Way' - using specific contemplation prompts.


" Your classes have brought so much light and laughter, drawing, doodling and of course love into my being and has brought me such a really good sense of wellbeing." 


When and What?

We meet for 12 consecutive days, from Tuesday 21 September to Saturday 2 October 2021.

UK time: 1530-1630 hrs (convert to your local time here)



We will meet on Zoom in a group setting. You will gain most from the calls if you participate with your video on as the intention will be to co-create and share openly and honestly with each other.


"Tears, breaking open, goose bumps. Finding acceptance. What an amazingly vulnerable session you created for me, thank you … You astound me with your ability to reach through the computer, across the miles to connect with me and help me to connect with myself and keep moving forward and feel hope …"



What if I can't make it to the Live calls on every day? 

Although I would highly recommend you get the whole experience by being at my calls life, I know this is not always possible. Each day I will send out a link with a copy to the replay. This will be available for you for a limited time only. 


What will I need?

Apart from the ability to join us online and a willingness to be guided, you will need to bring paper or a journal and your pens/pencils/markers or any other means of putting lines (and colour) on a page.

This process advocates heartwork rather than artwork so there is no need to invest in expensive markers (unless you are an doodle addict like me!). It is ok to use what you have in the house or buy some cheap pencils or markers from a local shop if your drawers are empty. 


Why are you offering this for free?

I love sharing my passion for doodling with others as an effective tool for wellbeing and growth. Every so often I feel called to share my 12 day Doodle for Wellbeing programme with you, so you too may reap the benefit of this powerful tool. It will also give you a chance to enter my colourful world and receive an experience of working directly with me in a group setting.


"These sessions feels special, deep and profoundly heart-led - thank you Ann for lighting the candle." 


What is your professional experience?

I have worked as an international Coach and Facilitator since 2007 and am a certified CIPD Trainer, Strategic Intervention Coach and NLP Master Practitioner. I am a skilled group facilitator and have experience of working with people from all around the world.

For any other questions, you may contact me at [email protected]

Join me for this heart expanding experience!


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