Doodle for IMPACT

Create Simple Visuals for Greater Impact

A course to help you get confident creating simple heartfelt visuals to enhance your key messages and engage audiences.

Who is this for?

For Coaches, Story Tellers and Facilitators who want to get confident creating and using simple visuals to share their message and maximise impact.

Next Course starts Autum 2020

The power of simple visuals

Did you know that at at least 80% of people like to process information visually. Our brain can absorb content more easily when we can also see what we read and hear.

Visuals open up the mind and start to fire our imagination. As a result, we are more able to remain engaged and open to learning.

Simple hand drawn visuals, ie doodles, offer another dynamic - they connect us to the power of the heart. This creates an emotional response and helps us increase the impact of our message.

But I can't draw!

If you think you can't draw or are shy about your ability, then this course is definitely for you!

This course will help you understand that the power of creating simple visuals is not about being good at drawing, but about sharing the energy of a message in a way that makes sense to the receiver. 

This course will help you gain confidence and increase your basic doodle skills in a simple and playful way - The Heartworker's Way.

Imperfection for impact

When we doodle, we create a brain, body and heart connection which lifts the creator whilst engaging the observer. 

Hand-drawing offers an added power and energy. Our vulnerability and the imperfection of our visuals help us to connect to our audience more deeply as it allows them to dare to be vulnerable and imperfect too.

You can also create unique images for your presentation slides, handouts and marketing.

Benefits in a nutshell ...

Adds power to your message * Keeps your message succinct and to the point * Adds your unique energy stamp * Helps to drill down to the heart of your message * Connects to the heart of the audience * Helps to overcome your fear of the blank page * Can help you save money


By the end of this 4 week online group course, you will:

1. know how to create your own unique and simple images to enhance your messages in a playful way;

2. increase your skill level and let go of your fear of a blank page;

3. be able to increase engagement with your audience;

4. have a bank of simple doodles and creative ideas to draw on;

5. more ideas on how to use your doodles in a number of ways;

6. Bonus videos: how to use a tablet and sketch apps to create images.

Your Visual Facilitator

I am Ann Skinner, aka The Heartworker, a certified Coach and Trainer, Doodle Enthusiast and an Author/Illustrator.

Although I have worked as a facilitator since 2007, I only found my doodle power by accident a few years ago. It has revolutionised my life and work.

Now I combine my two superpowers - coaching and doodling - to help you connect to the power of your heart and increase your impact.


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