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Commit to exploring yourself and your work The Heartworker's Way to create a life that matters.


Open your heart to all of who you are

You are courageous. You are wise. You are creative. You are a powerful. You are love. If you have forgotten this, let me help you remember. If you remember, let me help you forge your way. Below you can find the level of support that might suit you and your circumstances. Start at the top and scroll down for more courses.

Introduction to 'The Way'

*** Join The 'Free-Way' ***

A FREE introductory course to The Heartworker's Way to help you find your unique way.

This complimentary course shares more about the importance of being heart led and The Three Keys that sit at the core of The Heartworker's Way.

You will receive access to 7 teaching modules with video and audio files as well as a pdf download, tips and guidance.


Join The Community

Launch offer £25/month *

Join The Heartworkers Hub - a community of fellow Heartworkers who have chosen their heart as their guiding star and who value the company of other courageous and wise souls as they gently forge their vision for a better world.

Become a Founder Member for only £25/month for as long as you value the support. 

* This introductory price will finish by 16 July!


Coaching 'on The Way'

Intro Offer £55/Session *

For those looking for either ad hoc or longer term one-on-one support. Whether you need clarity or confidence on a way forward or help to lighten a heavy heart.

Take advantage of this introductory price at 50% off my normal rate to celebrate the official launch of The Heartworker's Way.

* Introductory price.

Packages available for ongoing support.



Explore, Expand & Evolve The Heartworker's Way. A year's programme to help you Love, Live and Lead The Way through a process of exploration to help you expand who you thought you were and evolve into who you were always meant to be. Take it in the slow lane by going part way, or join our community and commit all the way!

Part 1: Explore
Love The Way

Who are you being as you are doing?

Part 2: Expand
Live The Way

What are you doing and why are you are doing what you are doing?

Part 3: Evolve
Lead The Way

How are you leading and what is driving you?

Part 1, 2 & 3:
Go All The Way

Commit to a whole year of Exploration, Expansion & Evolution.

Receive your FREE INTRODUCTORY COURSE to living The Heartworker's Way and Sign Up for my latest News.


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