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On My Way - a Journal

A unique journal to support you as you find your way to living a more empowered and fully self-expressed life.

This journal encourages you to explore, expand and evolve through the practice of active reflection, whilst being supported The Heartworker's Way.

'Take a moment to wonder about life."


The Art of Contribution

Researching and writing this book helped me find my way and rebirth as The Heartworker. It also formed the building blocks for The Heartworker's Way.

“Having just finished this book, I know I will go back and read again. So much to absorb! I gained new perspectives, deep reflections, new light!”



75 Stories from people around the world on how changing your perspective can change your life.

I feel honoured to be one of the contributors to this beautiful collection. 

"Fascinating collection of insights that I’ll reflect on and will undoubtedly turbocharge both my professional and personal life."


On My Way

This journal will support you on your way as you are looking to create a more empowered and fully self-expressed life. 

An important part of finding your way is to learn to express yourself unedited. This journal hopes to encourage you to commit to a whole year of expressing your reflections through a regular practice.

Although it can be used on its own, this journal was created to be a support to my online programme, Evolve The Heartworker's Way*.


The Art of Contribution

“If I highlight sentences from a book you know I very much want to refer back to something I think is important. My copy of Ann’s book is full of yellow highlighter!!!”

My book, The Art of Contribution, was born out of my determination to live a life with purpose. In my explorations I became fascinated by what it means to contribute. This sparked my commitment to explore the subject by writing daily about what Contribution meant to me.

For a whole year I shared my insights with my community, and through my conscious exploration, I started to understand that there is an Art to Contribution beyond giving.

My reflections helped me to discover that there are five components that influence our ability to contribute. Separately they do not support life but together the create the magic of our existence. These insights have been instrumental in how I live life and have helped form The Heartworker's Way.

The Art of Contribution became a #1 bestseller in Amazon’s spiritual gifts department and is available as a printed version or on Kindle.

 “What a wonderful book. Everyone should have a read and it might stop us from feeling guilty about taking time for ourselves. It’s not all about giving and Ann explains it so well.”



I was extremely fortunate and honoured to be asked to contribute a story as a guest writer for this anthology. This heart-led project has become an inspirational bible for many.

This beautiful book is comprised of seventy-five inspirational stories – "... stories representing the experiences of people from sixteen countries around the world—people who have chosen to live life powerfully and intentionally, facing life’s challenges and their fears head-on....”

I am blessed to know a number of the contributing authors personally and one in particular as he happens to be my husband! (Can you spot our pictures on the cover?)

Thresholds became a #1 Amazon bestseller in a number of categories of which one was ‘Psychology of Creativity & Genius’, which rather tickles me.

Thresholds supports The Chicken Shit Foundation.

“Thresholds gripped me from the very start. It contains compelling true life short story’s about what it is to be human and how we really are all more alike than we are different. The 75 different authors lay bare their threshold moments with incredible honestly and creative flair. Highly recommended.”


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