From Speed To Space

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Another post from the 2017 archives too important not to share here with your here ...


When we are in the business of following our heart’s calling we learn the painful lesson that our work doesn’t understand time in the same way our linear brain calculates it. Nor does it compute success with achievement or getting somewhere quickly. In fact, time and time again I am challenged to lean into my western beliefs around my sense of time and success when it comes to creating my business and sharing my heartwork.


“It is a common human trait to run from pain and look for the most comfortable route to ‘success’ …”


In particular I was reminded of the importance of space when I came across yet another ‘three quick steps to success’ advertisement. I am sure they will be fabulous value for some but I have yet to find someone who found an overnight, ‘just follow the 3, 5,10 steps...

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Confessions of a Heartworker - ‘Ground Zero’

Dear Reader,


This is an old post from my 2017 archives but it was too important not to share here in my new online space so I have added it for your benefit ... 


At the time of writing this we are in the middle of Autumn, also known as Fall, which is an appropriate name for this season as it is such a metaphor for letting go.

For the past 3 years, my life has felt like one big Autumn-fest as I have had to do a lot of letting go. Letting go of the old me to embrace the new me – the new me who is really the old me. The one I had forgotten. The one I secretly liked but never really dared to love unconditionally. The one I thought should be someone she wasn’t.



Like many of us, I was told I could be anything I wanted to be in life. The paradox of this encouraging belief is that it is both helpful and unhelpful at the same time as the truth is that we can only ever really be who we truly are at our core. When we operate from that place,...

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