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action balance life lessons Oct 03, 2019


Dear Heart,

If you know of my work or if you have read my previous post, you will know that I am a great advocate for creating space whilst you are trying to find your way and yet, I am also an advocate for taking action. Sometimes you just need to take a step forward, if only a baby step. Such is the paradox of life that it is always forcing us to move to balance ourselves.

It’s easy to get stuck in overthinking your next steps, particularly when you are not entirely clear on where you are heading. It really seems to be one of the most challenging thing for so many of us in these ‘heady’ times. However, what I also know is that to create anything we need to take action to give form to our thinking. After all, (over)thinking about taking steps and actually taking them are very different things. The latter will help you move and grow whilst the former will keep you stuck and potentially shrinking. 

Our creative mind can create a minefield of scenarios - all of which may or may not happen once we finally act on our thoughts. In our head we can imagine a certain outcome but the reality may bring some aspects that we wouldn’t have been able to foresee as they would not have been in our experience or line of vision yes. Or perhaps we might encounter things outside our control that can either challenge or enhance our experience.

Like you, I too get challenged trying to figure out the right way forward. These days, however, I know perfectly well that no matter how much I try to control an outcome, I will more than likely be surprised along the way. We just can’t predict all of life and perhaps life is the better for it (even if it doesn't always feel that way when we are in the midst of our own drama).


Get Involved

I love what helicopter pilot, Bibi van Latum, said in my recent interview with her. I asked her what advice she had for others who want to follow their heart and passion (watch it HERE): 'Get involved!' was her answer. I thought it was such a great way of phrasing it! To experience life, we must get involved. How else are you going to find out what works for you and what doesn't?

It has been my experience that in these situations it doesn’t always matter what action you take, as long as you move with an open heart and mind and with a sense of curiosity and wonder about what might be. Action will move any stuck energy in your mind and body and will allow you to start seeing new perspectives and possibilities again. 

How do you know when it is time for action and when it is time for quiet? I remember asking this question when I was struggling with the balance between creating space and taking action. I wanted someone to tell me but it was a clear sign I was overthinking things and trying to find the answer outside of myself. Over time I have come to realise that only I am responsible for knowing when to be quiet and when to act. So far it has been my experience that I know it is time for me to act when I am feeling a little scared about what is next or a little uncomfortable and uneasy in myself for not doing anything. The type of action will vary, but act I must.


... Motion born out of devotion will create its own reward ... 


If you find yourself in that space of feeling stuck, my loving recommendation is to start pedalling (figuratively speaking), and show up for yourself with love and compassion. Don’t worry about where you are heading if you aren't clear on your goal or how to get there if you are clear on the goal. In fact, the not knowing may actually be a benefit as you will get the chance to look around and enjoy the ride rather than only be focussed on the end goal.

After all, fulfilment is rarely found in the end result. It is found in the connections you make along the way. It is found in the process of creation. It is found in the pain and the joy that comes from engaging with life. It is found in the act of living.

Keep pedalling in the knowledge that motion born out of devotion will create its own reward. Trust your courageous heart and let yourself be guided to greatness.

Once you start learning to act with love, you start learning to love to act.



Ann, aka The Heartworker


[email protected]


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