Anna Fitzgerald

Prolific Artist, Lover of Colour, Visual Story Teller, Encourager and Creator of Community 


Episode 1: Claim Your Labels


First up is Anna Fitzgerald. A true inspiration to me and someone who helped me claim the term 'artist'.

Arriving at Anna's studio I was greeted with the beautifully organised chaos that is so typical of the way Anna works. 

'Oh, we need to fill the gap on the wall for a better background? No problem!' Finds drill, adds screw and hangs painting, all in the space of less than a minute in response to my request for a nice backdrop for our interview.

Anna is a whirlwind of creative energy and has several projects on the go at once, a number of paintings in various stages of creation and then there is the sculpture project that still needs starting and finishing ... by next week. 

I am in awe of Anna's energy and her ability to get things done. Anna doesn't do things by half, nor is she worried about perfection in the conventional sense. She is, however, particular about what she wants to do. Above all, Anna is driven by her love for colour, the Devon countryside, painting animals and engaging the community to motivate them to have a go at art. You see, Anna believes anyone can be an artist.

Although Anna studied art, she got sidetracked through life and it has only been since she moved to Exmouth five years ago that she picked up her love for it again. Since then she has impacted so many people in the community with her inclusive art projects, including me.

Anna is a creator, an encourager and a motivator ... and we're still trying to work out the word that describes it all (it will make sense when you watch the video!). 

I am a grateful fan.

Watch the (22 minute) video below.

PS I hope you are a dog lover as they were an unplanned integral part of this interview. You will get to meet Terry, Anna's lovely sausage dog and my Eva makes an appearance, although mostly vocally. You can spot her reflection in one of the paintings in the background!  

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About Anna

Exmouth-based artist Anna Fitzgerald, is a creative and community artist - a visual story teller. Anna finds just as much joy in painting animals, such as badgers, foxes and cute cats as she does in sculpting hares and other creatures. Big, bright and vibrant art with a sense of playfulness. Anna projects vay from outlandish politically charged community projects stringing 4000 bras along the seaside, to creating a walk-in book involving the members of the public. Anna continues to be inspired by colour, the beautiful Devon scenery and her own free original spirit. Follow Anna: @Anna_Fitzgerald_Artist #SeaDogArt and @Woohoo_Art_Events.


About The Host

Ann Skinner, aka The Heartworker is a life coach, doodle artist, creative spirit, a lover of life, nature and the nature of things. Apart from being the host of The Heartworker's Hour, Ann is also the author of The Art of Contribution and founder of The Heartworker's Way. Above all, Ann is a curious human being who is interested in what drives us and how to live a more empowered and fully self-expressed life that adds to the world.

Follow Ann on Instagram: @TheHeartworker @TheHeartworkersWay.

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